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A global pharmaceutical company with a major UK presence. Our purpose is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. The best way we can help patients is to be science-led and share this passion with the scientific, healthcare and business communities of the UK.

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AstraZeneca UK aims to support local innovation and best practice that improves patient care in Respiratory, Immunology, Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Renal and Oncology therapy areas.  Grants are a reactive provision of monetary support by AstraZeneca to an approved requesting organisation for the purposes of achieving a specific defined outcome. Grants may be awarded to Healthcare Organisations, Patient Organisations, or Charities involved in patient support.  The Grants process does not accept Externally Sponsored Research or Product Donation requests (they are reviewed via alternative processes).

Once you have submitted your grant application, your request will be reviewed by committee. The committee will be looking for a clear alignment to at least one of AstraZeneca’s Medical Missions for practice change (see below) AND clear advancement in UK clinical practice (with potential to scale UK-wide) AND/OR impact on reducing health inequalities aligned to AstraZeneca’s Medical Missions.

 Please click this link and complete a request in the Cybergrants Tool  

  • The total review time can be up to 10-12 weeks, therefore please allow sufficient time to apply before the proposed project/activity start date. We will contact you by email with the outcome.
  • Should your application be successful, a member of the AstraZeneca UK Medical and Scientific Affairs team will periodically be reaching out to you to confirm progress of the project at appropriate timely intervals.


AstraZeneca UK’s Medical Missions for practice change:

  • Zero Tolerance for Asthma Attacks - all patients deserve access to anti-inflammatory medicines from the start
  • Eliminate chronic oral corticosteroids (OCS) - accelerate access to precision medicine, reduce OCS use by 90%
  • Early biology-based treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - early diagnosis, treatment, prevention of decline, cardiovascular complications and premature death
  • Prevent onset of cardiorenal disease in Type 2 Diabetes - treat beyond Haemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) to prevent onset of Heart Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease and premature death
  • Eradicate unplanned admissions for Heart Failure - early diagnosis and treatment in the community, prevention of disease progression and hospitalisations
  • Reduce death and progression to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in Chronic Kidney Disease - early diagnosis and treatment, prevention of kidney function decline
  • Eliminate Cancer as a cause of death - early diagnosis and biology-based treatments to revolutionise cancer care and increase the potential for cure

VVPM ID: GB-33550  Date of Prep: December 2021