NHS Collaborations

Our collaborations - Cardiovascular disease

Our core mission is to save the lives of patients by addressing their cardiovascular risks.

AstraZeneca has a rich heritage in partnering with the NHS to improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease. For more information on the specific NHS Collaborations, please click on the links below:


Disease Areas


By pushing the boundaries of science and partnering with the NHS, AstraZeneca is committed to reducing the burden and complication of diabetes.

Respiratory Disease

We are incredibly proud of our 40+ year heritage in respiratory disease. By delivering scientific breakthoughs and working collaboratively with the NHS, we have improved the lives of people living with asthma and COPD in the UK.


Focussed on four scientific platforms, we are dedicated to scientific discovery and collaboration to help address unmet clinical needs in oncology.

VVPM ID: GB-14982 Date of Prep: December 2018