AZ Medical and Educational Goods and Services in Asthma

AstraZeneca has a deep-rooted heritage and long-standing commitment to the UK, with our global R&D and manufacturing investments. Our relationship with the NHS is at the heart of this and we are proud to support initiatives that enhance patient care or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care in Asthma. 

AstraZeneca offers a medical and educational goods and service in Asthma to healthcare organisations. Each subject to a stated criteria and available capacity. A number of requirements must be fulfilled for AstraZeneca to provide support to healthcare organisations in these ways, these include: 

  • MEGS must enhance patient care or benefit the healthcare institution and maintain patient care
  • MEGS will not be offered or given as an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy or sell and AstraZeneca medicine
  • MEGS must not be provided to individuals for their personal benefit

The provision of our MEGS is subject to: 

  • Available capacity
  • Provision being permitted within applicable laws, guidelines and codes (ABPI Code). 

More information is contained within the ABPI Code of Practice

The 2019 ABPI code guidance for MEGS is effective until 31st December 2021. AstraZeneca will contact the healthcare organisations with regards to any updated documents relating to this MEGS that may require acknowledgement in accordance with the 2021 ABPI code.  Details of MEGS are publicly disclosed as transfer of value and are documented and kept on record by AstraZeneca.


Astrazeneca MEGS: SPECTRA Identification of suspected severe asthma in adult patients in primary care

AstraZeneca is committed to improving person-centred health outcomes for those people living with asthma. Appropriate and timely review of patients with difficult-to-treat asthma in specialist care supports improved outcomes, by facilitating accurate diagnosis, the identification and control of comorbidities, and optimisation of adherence.  To enable healthcare organisations (HCO) in primary care to identify suspected severe asthma in adult patients, AstraZeneca has developed SPECTRA.  This is a Medical Educational Goods and Services programme funded by AstraZeneca and developed in collaboration with the AAC (Accelerated Access Collaborative).


What is it? 

Pre-defined searches have been developed to support primary care healthcare organisations to systematically and efficiently identify patients for review, optimisation of treatment and where appropriate referral to specialist centres.  SPECTRA primary care algorithm automates this procedure, searching a practice data system and enumerating lists of patients that fall into priority cohorts for review.  Healthcare organisations can then review patients identified within these lists and make clinical decisions on treatment modification and onward referral of appropriate patients.  This Medical Educational Goods and Service is organised and funded by AstraZeneca and delivered by Oberoi Consulting.


Who is it for?

This is aimed at healthcare organisations within primary care who are responsible for improving the management of asthma.  Provision of this AstraZeneca MEGS is unconditional and non-promotional and will be available on a first come first serviced basis to the NHS.

This importable system search is available for SystmOne and EMIS Web, the two largest primary care clinical systems in the UK.  Both of these systems have inherent functionality which allows the import of pre-designed searches which may be used to interrogate a practice database without visiting the practice.

For Vision practices the searches can be deployed remotely into the GP system through an add on that is available to all practices - Vision+. Oberoi, as the third party provider, will work with Vision to notify them of the request to deploy the “pathway”. 


Can AstraZeneca see my practice data or any patient data?

AstraZeneca will only see numerical aggregated data at a national level, patient numbers between 1 and 7 are suppressed, aligned to NHS digital’s approach to suppression of small patient counts.

None of the parties will be able to identify any patients from this data.

Is this AstraZeneca MEGS available for anyone?

We focus on the value it brings to patient care and benefit to the NHS and will consider applications from UK based primary care Healthcare Organisation on a first come, first served basis. 

Who do I contact if I am having technical difficulties?

If you have any technical difficulties or wish to discuss IT governance please contact the AstraZeneca SPECTRA support team.

Telephone number: 01332 546909  Email:

Application for this AstraZeneca MEGS

If your HCO is interested in accessing SPECTRA, please make a request for the MEGS by registering interest on

VVPM ID: GB-29419 Date of Prep: July 2021