Working with UK healthcare professionals

The NHS is the primary customer for AstraZeneca medicines in the UK and we engage with NHS staff on many levels on a daily basis.

Patients benefit from the collaboration between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and the pharmaceutical industry through the development and appropriate use of innovative treatments that improve and extend life.

We interact with healthcare professionals from participation in early scientific research and clinical trial programmes as well as part of our sales and marketing work, ensuring that clinicians have the best access to information about our products in order to make appropriate prescribing decisions. 

As part of these interactions we engage healthcare professionals to provide advice and to support the development and delivery of medical education services on the appropriate use of medicines aimed at delivering better patient care. It is appropriate that fees are paid to health professionals to reimburse them for their time and expertise in delivering these services.

We want to ensure that patients and others have confidence that this relationship is open and transparent and this is why the pharmaceutical industry is taking the lead on disclosing details of payments and other benefits in kind made by industry to HCPs and healthcare organisations (HCOs).

This information will be published on the database – Disclosure UK.

Disclosure UK is part of a Europe-wide initiative to increase transparency between pharmaceutical companies and the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals and organisations it works with.

Disclosure Database

Payments from 2014

VVPM ID: GB-33204 Date of Prep: December 2021