Working with patient groups

In the UK, we have a long-standing history of working with patient groups helping people in specific disease areas.

To help patients get the most from our medicines, we share knowledge and collaborate with patient groups and health charities.

Providing patient representative bodies with up-to-date and accurate information about our medicines is one of our core responsibilities.

Charitable donations and sponsorship to organisations that drive healthcare innovations and benefit the NHS and its patients are also key features of our approach to patient support. We partner with a number of patient organisations, across a variety of activities.

AstraZeneca signs a transparency agreement with each patient group, agreeing the principles of their interactions.

Some key charities we’ve supported over the years include Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK, HEART UK, mental health charities SANE and the National Schizophrenia Fellowship, as well as Dr Barnados and the NSPCC.

Find out more about our work with charitable and not-for-profit organisations

 Contributions to Patient Organisations 2015 (PDF 182kb)
 Contributions to Patient Organisations 2014 (PDF 80kb)
 Contributions to Patient Organisations 2013 (PDF 54kb)
 Contributions to Patient Organisations 2012 (PDF 81kb)