Who do we work with?

Who do we work with?

We are now working more collaboratively than ever with our external stakeholders to achieve our ultimate goal: making a meaningful difference to patients’ lives through targeted, effective medicines.

We are working with all those involved in healthcare in the UK to understand their needs and perspectives. This includes doctors, nurses and the NHS, Government and those who pay for healthcare, as well as patients and academia.

By joining forces with them, sharing knowledge, ideas, skills and resources, we will work together to find the solutions that will drive improved health and wellbeing.

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We also work collaboratively with external partners in our research and development activities in the UK. Our commitment to partnering is long-term and our aspiration is for as much as 40% of our new medicines pipeline to be based on collaborations by 2014.

AstraZeneca’s relationship with the NHS is at the centre of our UK Marketing Company activities. The NHS is the primary customer for AstraZeneca medicines in the UK and we engage with all levels of NHS staff on a daily basis.