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AstraZeneca’s UK Marketing Company (UKMC) is a part of our global commercial organisation, and is responsible for the marketing of our medicines in the UK. The UKMC’s base at Horizon Place is also home to colleagues from AstraZeneca’s corporate functions and our European and International regions’ sales and marketing teams (the latter includes markets in Latin America, the Middle East & Africa, Asia, and Australasia).

Excellence in sales and marketing is core to our business, and we are focused on aligning with our customers in a changing and dynamic healthcare market and selling products that meet customers' needs, in a responsible and ethical way.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, along with the NHS and our UK customers, and we are responding. We have restructured our UK sales and marketing business to align with the needs of healthcare professionals and the new NHS organisation.

In addition to trained sales representatives, we have introduced new ways of interacting with doctors, using online and telephone channels, and giving customers the opportunity to decide what kind of interaction they prefer.

Sales and marketing within a pharmaceutical environment requires the highest standards in order to meet regulations and codes of practice.

As a member of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), all of our sales, marketing and communications activities are subject to the ABPI Code of Practice.

This code forms the basis for a stringent internal code applicable to all of our UK employees (as well as third parties acting on behalf of AstraZeneca) – our External Interactions standard operating procedure.

AstraZeneca also operates a website specifically for UK healthcare professionals, where information about our medicines and services is available.

If you’re a UK healthcare professional go to