Alderley Park, Cheshire

Alderley Park

Our largest research and development site, Alderley Park, in the north-west of England, is our global lead centre for cancer research.

Employing approximately 2,900 people, including some of the world’s most skilled and experienced science professionals, Alderley Park is integral to the discovery and development of innovative new medicines.

Alderley Park has a rich heritage of important advancements in medical treatments, with a number of anti-cancer treatments having been developed at the site.

Since opening more than 40 years ago, making a meaningful difference to patients through our medicines has been the goal for our scientists working at Alderley Park.

As the global lead centre for cancer research, Alderley Park houses the global Advanced Lead Discovery Centre, which includes innovative facilities to assist with the drug discovery process. Alderley Park is also home to employees within our global medicines development function, who are responsible for the late stage development of our pipeline (products in phase III development).

The site is also an important centre for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal research, as well as many other global business functions.

Our work at Alderley Park extends beyond the site into the local communities, with employees encouraged to volunteer in local schools and colleges, as part of the national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador Programme, and through providing funding to local charities.

Major anti-cancer treatments developed at Alderley Park:
Beta-blockers, still a mainstay of cardiac drug therapy, were also discovered and developed at Alderley Park through the work of Nobel prize-winning physician and pharmacologist, the late Sir James Black.