Our contribution to the UK

AstraZeneca and the UK economy

AstraZeneca makes significant contribution to the overall economic prosperity of the UK

The UK is home to our global headquarters and a major global research and development facility as well as several other sites, and we invest over £1bn in research and development associated with our UK operations.

All our UK operations have helped to contribute around £3.8bn in GVA (Gross Value Added) annually to the UK economy.

The success of our medicines around the world means our products make up around 2.3% of the total UK export of goods, a total of almost £7 billion.

Our financial contribution is largely due to the work of our highly skilled and talented employees. The company supports around 30,000 jobs, including employing approximately 7,000 staff directly.

We know that only by attracting highly skilled people will we achieve our goal of improving global health. That’s why we offer above-average salaries and work to cultivate a committed workforce.

AstraZeneca’s direct economic contribution in 2010 was £2.4 billion. This translates into around £322,000 per employee compared to £60,000 across the whole of the UK economy.

Key Statistics

  • AstraZeneca’s total contribution to wealth creation was £3.8 billion
  • The company supports 30,000 jobs, including employing 7,000 staff directly
  • Investment in R&D was over £1 billion associated with our UK operations
  • Direct Exports were almost £7 billion representing about 2.33% of the total UK exports of goods

Figures from 2011

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