Our contribution to the UK

AstraZeneca and the UK economy

Our business has a long history in the UK and continues to contribute to the UK economy through employment, investment in the business, and innovation in the life sciences.

In 2012 we contributed £3 billion total Gross Value Added to the UK economy, while we accounted for 1.8% (£5.4 billion) of total UK export of goods.


We employ 6,700 employees across seven sites in the UK and support a broader base of approximately 30,000 jobs.

Investment in the business

We are continually investing in our UK business and have made a number of significant investments including:

  • In March 2013 we announced a planned investment of around £330 million in a purpose-built R&D centre and corporate HQ in Cambridge.
  • In November 2013 we announced investment of £120 million in a new facility at our manufacturing centre in Macclesfield, Cheshire, to continue production of our cancer medicine Zoladex.
  • We’re investing more than £75 million our manufacturing site in Speke, Merseyside, to supply the UK Government’s extended flu vaccination programme for children.

Innovation in the life sciences

We continue to be an integral part of the scientific community in the UK, employing more than 2,600 employees in the UK focused on high value R&D activities. This is backed up by significant R&D investment.

As well as having a large research and development organisation, we also have more than 200 active partnerships with academic, research-funding and charitable organisations around the country. We also offer significant educational opportunities for young scientists. Our 2012 programme saw around 100 PhD scholarships and postdoctoral positions and industrial placements for around 70 students.

We also play a key role in the UK's life sciences community and the 'Golden Triangle' of research in London, Cambridge and Oxford.We believe that our recent commitment to establish our headquarters in Cambridge helps ensure the continued scientific leadership of the UK as a whole and brings numerous social, academic and financial benefits.